Her name is Jade Hendrix, a name you won’t forget once you’ve heard her sing. Jade’s talent is undeniable; her music, irresistible. She grew up in Ojai, California, in the valley of the purple shadows, the daughter of Sharon Hendrix, a popular backup singer for Tom Jones, Natalie Cole and Barry Manilow, among others, and her Dad, Michael Roach, who was captain of a dive expedition boat off Channel Island Harbor.


"Raised behind the curtains and in green rooms all around the country, Jade has always had a special relationship with music."

Jade studied at Happy Valley Performing Arts School in Ojai, where she began writing and performing her own songs. She attended Columbia College in Chicago and the University of Nevada Las Vegas, with music her constant companion, emotional outlet, and spiritual center. Her most joyful memories are of growing up backstage, watching from the sidelines as her mother performed, and listening to Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Judy Garland and Donny Hathaway, her greatest sources of inspiration.

Jade has always enjoyed the process of writing, but realized her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter when her mother, Sharon, and producer Dan Voss coaxed her into the studio to record an album. Titled Carry Me Away, it’s a brilliant debut with two of her strongest influences, Joni Mitchell and Donny Hathaway, resonating in a set of songs filled with playful, probing, word-painted imagery and a voice that’s plaintive, soulful and warm. Jade, who recently released her latest EP Farewell To Emerald City, has toured England and the US, headlining shows, festivals, playing alongside friends, family and sharing bills with legendary artists such as Judy Collins, Robben Ford, Dave Mason and The English Beat. Look for her in your town as Jade makes her way up and down the West Coast in 2018!

Farewell to Emerald City

Co-written by Jade Hendrix and David Zimmer, and produced by Scott Frankfurt, Farewell To Emerald City is the fruit of a unique journey towards understanding, self-love and growing up.

  • 1. Bedtime Stories
  • 2. Farewell
  • 3. Thought Away
  • 4. Worth Fighting For
  • 5. Show Them Love